3 Neighborhood Demographics You Need to Consider Before Buying

Many home buyers start their home search with a pretty good idea of where they want to live but others may not. Others might be renters and have just started the home buying process. Renters typically want to live near where they work and access to their job is a priority. Or, buyers can be those who are moving from one city to another and have no real idea of where the best place to live will be. But there are resources that can help narrow down the search process. Here are three primary neighborhood demographics you need to look into.

Safety. You want to live in a safe and secure neighborhood so the local crime rate will be in your top three demographics to research. You can contact the local police department about property crime in the neighborhood or visit any of the online resources that tracks and logs reported crime by location. Simply enter an address of a potential purchase and crime statistics will be reported.

Public Schools. A priority for families or families to be is the quality of the public school system. Getting your kids better prepared for post-high school life and getting into college means providing a sound educational foundation. In addition to the quality of classes and teaching, good public schools boost property values.

Data Dump. For more demographic data you might ever want is stored at the United States Census Bureau. The Census is taken every 10 years and reports on matters such as median age of the people living in the neighborhood as well as age, race and even population density. There are also interactive maps that break down specific demographic data for the area.

There are other data bits that will be more important to one person and less so to another. Perhaps the commute time to work is in the top three or maybe the buyers are looking for a newer development instead of a closer-in, established neighborhood. Others want to be near public transportation or they want something near a shopping district. Yet whatever the final list ends up being, safety, the public school system and data from the U.S. Census Bureau will typically top anyone’s list.

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