3 Unique Sources for a Down Payment

Unless you qualify for a VA loan or are pre-approved for a USDA loan, you’ll need a down payment of some sort. And beyond the down payment there will also be funds needed for closing costs on the loan as well. When you apply for a mortgage one of the first things your loan officer will want to know is how much money you have available to close on a home loan. You can have a little or you can have a lot but you will still have to provide evidence to the lender at some point that you do have enough money to close. Most often this is done simply with copies of your bank statements. But if you don’t have enough money in a checking or savings account, there are some other resources you might not have thought of.

A family member can provide a financial gift to you for the necessary funds needed to close. Or, a qualified non-profit can also help out with necessary funds. You’ll need to provide a level of documentation as it relates to the source of funds making sure the funds are from a qualified source and the funds will be directed to the escrow agent at the settlement table or wired directly to your checking or savings account.

You can also apply for a grant from different agencies dedicated to helping first time buyers. These grants can come in various forms but basically the money is delivered with a second lien attached to the property. A common grant helps out with additional funds in the form of a loan that does not have to be repaid until the property is sold again or other grants do require monthly payments but after a period of say three years the grant is forgiven entirely.

Finally, you can sell something you own. When selling a personal asset for cash you’ll need to provide a bit of paperwork. First, the asset must be considered “appraisable.” This means an independent third party can provide documentation as to its worth. A Mickey Mantle baseball card is appraisable by a third party and would qualify as a legitimate source of funds. If it’s appraisable and it’s yours, document the sale as well as the funds being received and your lender can accept the proceeds.

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