Boo! Is Your House Ready for Halloween?

You know they’re coming. Those ghosts and goblins creeping around in your neighborhood asking for candy. Your doorbell will ring and you’ll hear a chorus of “Trick or Treat” for hours. To get you in the spirit of this fun holiday, let’s talk about getting your house ready for Halloween to entertain your trick-or-treaters or entertaining guests with your very own Halloween party. Here are some ideas you can put to use.

Your Lawn. Let the fall leaves stay where they are for the next couple of weeks then rake them into a pile. Stuff an old pair of blue jeans with newspaper and have them stick out of the pile of leaves. Top it off with a pair of old boots. The party store down the street sells fake spider webs. This spooky stuff is cheap and makes a great spooky look. You can also make fake headstones out of heavy cardboard and a can of gray sprain paint. Prop them up with a wooden stake. A blue floodlight makes the finishing touch.

Your Front Deck or Porch. It’s time to head to the pumpkin patch and pick up a few of these orange goblins. Most stores today sell pumpkin carving kits with special tools but the old-fashioned way of cutting out eyes, nose and a mouth is the most fun. If there’s an artist in you, can it to the next level with carving tools. Take some more of that spider web netting and spread it around your front porch. You can get very creative here as the space is yours. Old, dried flowers spread around or an old rocking chair. And who can ignore a ghost hanging from the ceiling made out of an old sheet?

Your Front Door and Windows. How about a black wreath on your front door? Want to go all out and spray some fake blood on your door? You can get some really neat window lighting with a spooky flare to light up your front porch. And finally, you. Get dressed up in your scariest and answer the door slowly. Careful though, too scary of an outfit can you’ll scare away the little goblins!

We know that Halloween is time for the kids to go trick-or-treating but we adults can also get a big kick out of the holiday with a little extra effort. Dress up your house for the holiday this year and you’ll see what we mean!

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