There really is no shortage of “Best Of” lists for pretty much anything we might imagine. Companies everywhere push out survey results which in turn will become reading material in various publications and on websites. And when you search for “best US cities to buy a home” you’ll find multiple lists based upon various factors. Such lists might concentrate on best cities to buy a home for first time buyers. Some lists might be geared toward those who are nearing retirement or for properties located in vacation spots.

Your personal list must also take into account your personal lifestyle choices. Do you want to live in a big city that boasts a professional baseball and football team? Do you want to live near the beach? If so, your “best of” city won’t include Denver or Austin, for example. Certainly your job will dictate where you live. Beyond that, here is a brief composite of some of these cities that are regularly named “best of” in various surveys.

Austin, Texas regularly shows up in multiple surveys. The median home price in Austin is relatively low compared to other major metropolitan areas around $250,000 and property values have gradually increased over the years. It’s also easy to find a job in Austin as the unemployment rate is low.

San Jose also makes the list with its concentration of high tech workers. The median list price for real estate in San Jose is approaching $500,000 and has recovered from the housing debacle of the past decade. Another city with a concentration of high tech and relatively low median home prices is Raleigh, North Carolina with a median home value of around $225,000 and strong employment.

Grand Rapids, Michigan tops several lists as both employment and population growth outpace several cities in multiple surveys. Cost of living is also very low in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas. In Florida, the cities of Fort Lauderdale, Cape Coral and Orlando are frequently found in any Best US City to Buy a Home list.

Many of these surveys employ a variety of factors and some cities will make one list and not another. Most often such reports reflect home price stability, appreciation, employment and the prospects for growth. If your city isn’t on the list, it might be because you haven’t looked hard enough.

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