HARP 2.0 can help you refinance your mortgage. Specifically, if you hope to refinance your mortgage but you have little equity in it, you may find other lending options unavailable. Many Americans are facing difficulty refinancing because they owe more on their home than it's worth. If you have a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac owned mortgage and you've remained current on your mortgage payments, let our team help you qualify for a HARP refinance.

How Can Refinancing with a HARP 2.0 Loan Help You?

When you contact our mortgage lender, we'll provide you with very specific benefits that these refinanced mortgages can offer to you. For many people, the following are key reasons to refinance:

#1: You may be able to lower you monthly payment. If you hope to pay less each month, and perhaps use those funds for other expenses, HARP may be ideal.

#2: You want to reduce your interest rate. Many homeowners can see a substantial drop in their interest rate (and therefore the overall cost of purchasing their home) by refinancing. Current mortgage rates remain very low.

#3: Closing costs are lower. Unlike other types of refinancing, no appraisal is required with HARP loans. This means your closing costs are lower.

#4: You'll get a fixed rate loan. For many who have an adjustable rate mortgage, the promise of a fixed rate is ideal. It means your payment will remain the same throughout the time you hold the loan.

#5: You'll build equity fast. You can select a shorter term on your new loan. This means you'll pay it off faster and build equity at a quicker rate.

Even if you think you cannot refinance your mortgage, talk to our mortgage lender. Majestic Home Loan is a direct lender. That means we can help many homeowners who other lenders have turned down and offer more flexible lending options. Contact us today to learn more about HARP 2.0 mortgage refinancing and start on the path to financial security.

For more information or questions about refinancing,
Please visit http://www.mhlmtg.com/ecamp/harp20_1204fb


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