As the U.S. housing market recovers from last decade's downturn, today's home buyers aren't always flush with cash. For buyers with few funds for downpayment, loans via the Federal Housing Administration are a popular option.
The FHA allows mortgage loans with as little as 3.5% down.

About The FHA Mortgage

The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) was established in 1934, which, in U.S. history, was a period of "heavy renting". The country was emerging from The Great Depression. Just 4 in 10 households owned their homes.
At the time, the mortgage terms offered by lenders were a burden to many borrowers. To get a loan meant to make a 50% downpayment; to agree to a loan term of 5 years or fewer; and, to make a large "balloon" payment to the bank after the mortgage's first few years.
Few U.S. consumers could meet the terms of a 1930s mortgage. Meanwhile, the government wished to increase the rates of homeownership nationwide. With more homeowners, the government reasoned, neighborhoods would stabilize and the U.S. economy would get back on track.
From this, the FHA and its flagship mortgage program was born. 
The main feature of the FHA-backed mortgage was its Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP) program, a self-sufficient insurance fund through which the FHA could insure the nation's lenders against "bad loans".
In order for a bank to get the FHA's insurance on its loans, it was required to verify that its loans met the FHA's minimum qualification standards.
These rules came to be known as the FHA Mortgage Guidelines.
In time, the FHA MIP system gave banks confidence to make better loans with better terms for hopeful U.S. home buyers. Soon, the downpayment requirements for a home loan dropped; 5-year loan terms were replaced with longer terms of 15 and 30 years; and mortgage rates dropped.
The FHA is currently the largest insurer of mortgages in the world.

Benefits of an FHA Mortgage

  • FHA Allows A 3.5% Downpayment
  • The FHA Doesn't Require A SSN

  • The FHA Insures All Property Types

  • The FHA Has Flexible Credit Standards

  • Allows Access To The FHA Streamline Refinance

For more than 80 years, the FHA home loan program has helped U.S. homeowners purchase homes affordably and refinance them. Call us today and see what an FHA loan can do for you.

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